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companies are standalone companies now there’s been some talk about how they can be cost advantages here that by combining these two companies that Solar City will beadle to cut costs own none of those arguments actually suggest you need too a merger for this to happen it almost seems to be entirely a problem solidarity and the revenue gains are much more remote in what sense I can’t visualize the story or visualize this scenario where more people are going to buy Tesla’s because Solar City’s part of Tesla mean what’s one got to do with the other or more people have been installed solar batteries solar cells.

Because their own intensive to me any any argument connecting the two is areal strengths of the synergy argument kind of is difficult to carry through control is even more difficult because the essence of control is you’re telling me the target company can be run better but if you’re already in control as Muskmelon is of both companies why do you need to do a merger to change the circularity’s run if you don’t like the way Solar City’s right what just fire first cousin what’s so difficult.

About that so in this particular case i can see the bankers had a tough tasks so that was soars i said i was willing to cut them a lot of slacks as i looked through the prospectors i was able to pull up the numbers used by both bankers here remember again not that in this catercorner is working for Tesla’s board and Lazar is working for SolarCity’sboard and here’s the essence of what they need to do the exchange ratio steno this measures shares of teals for every share of Solar City right so if you’re ever core you have to convince Tesla shareholders at that point is really low number that they should be really paying much more so ever-coerced as is to come up with numbers that will tell you that is a low number that you’re getting a good deals successful Cheryl less odds task is the exact opposite they need to convinced shareholders at the point is a high number that has less.