About Our Company

AsioTec.org is an innovative blog about windows and home cleaning tips and tricks where the team will bring the fresh and clear cleaning solutions. These are simple DIY home cleaning and decoration ideas which get huge numbers of reader to our blog. Not only suggestion but we can put them into action as well because we also provide the cleaning services as well. Our affordable services are for those who want clear, fresh and inspiring windows and breathtaking living rooms. We are the best in the town so give us a try and get you home clean and green.

Established in 2011, ASIO Tec was initially a forum where one can share his / her expertise in home decoration, home cleaning and windows cleaning. Later on, we decided to discontinue forum and give the site a shape of blog. We have chosen the blogging because our forum was stuffed with lots of spamming which as really difficult to deal with. It is not over yet and if you still want to share something with large number of readers, you can choose to become the member / publisher at Asiotec and can publish your post on our blog.

Note: please read the terms and conditions before posting on Asiotec.org

You’ll be happy to meet our team

Matthew Steeves – Founder and Author of Asiotec

Ryan Edwards – Writer and social media manager

Brain Griffin – Sales Manager and Promoter

Michael Ronald– Team Leader

Stephan Kyle – Team member